COVID-19 Information

  • Mass schedule:

    • Saturday: 4:00 pm.

    • Sunday: 8:00 am (Polish); 10:00 am (English)

Spiritual Health: Confession Schedule

Updated COVID 19 guidance, reminders and clarifications for the parishes of the Diocese of Springfield:

  • In light of the information provided by the CDC, and in order to maximize protection of vulnerable individuals from the delta variant, the Department of Public Health now advises that a fully vaccinated person should wear a mask or face covering when indoors (and not in your own home), if you have a weakened immune system, or if you are at increased risk for severe disease because of your age or an underlying medical condition, or if someone in your household has a weakened immune system, is at increased risk for severe disease, or is unvaccinated. 

  • Individuals who are not fully vaccinated should continue to wear a face covering or mask to help prevent you from spreading COVID-19 to other people. People who show no symptoms of illness may still be able to spread COVID-19.

  • More details at:

  • Currently the guidelines published in May remain in place. Below are a few reminders of it:

    • As of May 29, 2021, vaccinated people are no longer required to wear masks or socially distance in our parishes. Vaccinated parishioners do not have to wear masks and can be seated anywhere in the church. However, for those who might be uncomfortable we recommend to wear your masks anyway. Unvaccinated parishioners are encouraged to wear masks. Parents have the right to determine whether or not their children also need to wear masks.

    • Parishes and pastors will not be policing for compliance. Every parishioner and family will be expected to make a sound, reasonable decision about when they are ready to take off their masks and be near other people. No pastor and no parish will be expected to ask people whether or not they have been vaccinated.

    • The pastor has a high degree of discretion in the implementation and timing of these changes. Some pastors may make changes more quickly than others. Pastors are encouraged to engage parish leadership in a conversation about how best to make the changes in their respective parishes.

    • Since masking and social distancing are still required in public schools in Massachusetts even after May 29, we are not yet certain about what faith formation programs for children will need to look like in the fall. The programs will certainly be allowed and in person, but we do not know yet about masking and distancing requirements. We will keep you advised.

    • For those with medical conditions guidelines didn’t changed.

    • Dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass remains for the time being. We are coordinating with the other Massachusetts dioceses a date to end the dispensation.

    • It is no longer necessary to regularly disinfect surfaces. Some pastors may decide to continue to do so for a time, but it is not required. Great practice is to disinfect once a week after weekend Masses and after bigger celebrations like funerals or marriages

    • Missalettes and hymnals may be used, and kept in the pews. Parishes may want to engage in significant conversation about whether and how they want to do this.

For sick calls, and any other needs please contact the Parish Office at 413-283-6030.

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