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All Saints Day and All Souls Day Schedule - 2023


November is dedicated to the Faithful Departed, those faithful souls who have gone before us, awaiting the glory of the Resurrection.

All Saints Day: Whether or not their names are commemorated in the Liturgy, the Church honors all Saints on this day, those holy souls who during life loved Jesus and strove to imitate Him and to practice His virtues.  This is one of the oldest feasts, dating back to the earliest days of the Church.

All Souls Day: Instituted in the year 998, it is the day set apart by the Catholic Church for the special devout commemoration of all those souls who have departed this life in the grace and friendship of God, for whom we pray, that they may soon be released by God from the prison of Purgatory.  On this day, the Office of the Dead is recited by the clergy.  Pope Benedict XV granted to all priests permission to offer three Masses of Requiem on All Souls' Day.  One of these Masses the Celebrant may say according to his own intention; one must be offered for the Faithful Departed, and the third for the intention of the Holy Father.

All Saints Day Masses: Tuesday, November 1st (Holy Day of Obligation)

8:00 am - Mass

6:00 pm - Mass 

All Souls Day Masses: Wednesday, November 2nd

8:00 am - Mass

8:30 am - Mass

9:00 am - Mass

There is an incredibly rich tradition of Gregorian chants which pertain to the Feast of All Souls.  The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter made a recording of these ethereal chants in 2017.  See more in the video below.

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